The Garden – Apart
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ALCN #007

The Garden

Dominika Jackuliaková

Dominika Jackuliaková - The Garden design: Magdaléna Scheryová publication date: Jan, 2014 edition size: 93 / numbered softcover size: 21x26 cm pages: 34 selling points: Bratislava - Ex Libris v SNG, 82 bøok&design shõp Praha - Page Five, DOX This project was supported by Nadácia Intenda  

"Even deeper and more sincerely had the old man lived through his green dreams, only he alone knew how to decipher memories and symbols of his inner life spreading their roots all over the garden; the signs of sorrow and the sacrifices of thank offerings, the reminders of youth and foreboding of death and resurrection. As he experienced the yearly and daily cycles of the garden more and more intensely, he started to feel that this thousand years old living organism had in fact been an image of himself for all these years, had been a mysterious artwork and mirror of his own soul."

(Hermann Hesse, The Pleasures of Gardening;
German original Freude am Garten, Suhrkamp Verlag Berlin 1992)

The Garden is a photographic series that focuses on the relationship between a person and a garden, which can be seen as some sort of artificially created landscape. These photographs were taken in five botanical gardens. The botanical garden is a place that inspires me with its complexity concentrated in one specific area, and that in my understanding takes on a function of a museum. As I take the portraits, I find paralels between the life of a man and the life cycle of the plants through my own feelings. I am looking for indirect significance that plants have in our lives.

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