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Klimatická kríza.txt

Peter Sit (ed.)

Klimatická kríza.txt is the third collection of the edition compiled by the APART Collective, Display - Association for Research and Collective Practice, and the engaged monthly Kapitál. In the selection of five texts, the book tries to look at the issue of the climate crisis from different perspectives, whether concerning its media aesthetic representation, necropolitics, and care for the wilderness, work, and capital or psychoanalysis and ethics. It also sees the climate crisis as a feminist problem. Although all texts deal with "the same problem", each sets out its trajectory and depicts a different part of the mosaic of the climate crisis in which we find ourselves. The book brings texts by T.J. Demos, Critical Art Ensemble, Carmines, Wendy Lynne Lee, Donny M. Orange.


The .txt edition brings a set of translations of important world thinkers, as well as original Slovak or Czech texts, which promptly respond to the latest philosophical, cultural, artistic, and social phenomena. These essays move on the border between academic and artistic research and engaged practice, they are actively involved in the social debate, exposing the problems that bother them; their voice is not quiet and resigned, it is strong and urgent. The .txt edition wants to be an open platform for these voices.


Klimatická Kríza.txt
Essays © T. J. Demos, Critical Art Ensemble, Carmine, Wendy Lynne Lee, Donna M. Orange
Introduction © Peter Sit

Language: Slovak
Visual identity © Magda Scheryová
Graphic design and typesetting © Magda Scheryová
Typed in STIXGeneral
Translations Vít Bohal, Zuzana Hrivňáková, Olga Pek, Martina Makara
Proofreading Ján Ballx, Juliana Beňová, Vít Bohal, Dagmar Pilařová, Elena Teplanová, Jana Vicenová
The dramaturgy of texts Peter Sit
Acknowledgments Ján Ballx, Jim Fleming - Autonomedia
Published by © Apart, Display - Association for Research and Collective Practice, Kapitál MMXIX
ISBN 9788097156930
120 pages
First edition
600 pcs


The book was published with the support of the Slovak Arts Council.

All rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the copyright owner.


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