APART Collective - Neviditeľná staroba.txt

Neviditeľná staroba.txt

Zuzana Jakalová, Tomáš Hučko (ed.)

Neviditeľná staroba.txt is a collection of essays by five women* who reveal one of the least visible parts of life in the old age - experiencing sexuality and sexual relationships. They refutes myths about the asexuality of elder people and show that sexuality in mature age is made up of a wide variety of erotic and emancipatory expressions.

Neviditeľná Staroba is the second book of the new edition compiled by Display - Association for Research and Collective Practice, Slovak engaged monthly Kapitál and artistic collective APART. The .txt edition presents essays that respond to current artistic and social trends that, despite their urgency, do not have significant representation in neither Czech nor Slovak context.

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