Last Minute – Apart
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ALCN #010

Last Minute

Ján Šipöcz

Jan 2017


Magda Schery


148 x 210 mm, softcover


168 p, 80 color pic

PRINT, printed in Slovakia




Diffused Light. Horizon of the table top. Neutral background. These are the basic expression tools of Špöcz´s photographs. And objects as well. Objects are mostly banal, and of daily use. Nothing extraordinary or effect purposes. Rather a scientist laboratory than photographer´s studio. Well Šipöcz is a photographer. He takes his photographs objective. Without any added atmosphere, without hierarchy, without effective compositions. Row by Row (one after another), anything that comes to his hand and what he considers worth his interest. As he says, he uses the basic property of photography – ability to capture the real. But is this what we see, really what we see ? Have you ever seen a one meter loaf of bread? Is that loaf of bread still a bread ? Ant thus in this “game of reality” lies the intensity of Šipocz´s photographs. He evokes a sense of doubt in us. He forces us to think about what he wants to say to us. It doesn´t matter if it is bread or a box of slide films with a sign saying “Yugoslavia 1984”. His  otographs challenge for thinking about everyday life. So usual in over boost of information, experiences, perceptions and possibilities, which today has to offer. Šipocz is “saving” us. In the last moment. Last minute. Same somebody´s slide films from his vacation. He collects these slide films, adds up drawings to them, scratches them, doodles upon them. Aggressively and rudely. Without any respect. With a sense of humor typical for him. He appropriates and changes somebody´s stories and memories, which nobody needs and nobody cares of anymore. Although it´s clear that his approach is in comparison with photographs of objects formally different, but the point remains the same. Šipöcz exaggerates in both cases. Overdoes things. He changes the scale of them to attract our attention. Behind “light” or even childish game there is a different level hiding. Level of finiteness, emptiness and disinterest for simple, obvious and common things, which we often forget with comfort.


Filip Vančo




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