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Bitch Planet: Výnimočný stroj

Kelly Sue DeConnick, Valentine De Landro

Text © Kelly Sue DeConnick

Illustration © Valentine De Landro

Language: Slovak

Translation: Kristína Kállay  

The dramaturgy of texts: Tomáš Hučko, Jana Vicenová

Graphic design and typesetting © Magda Scheryová 

Thanks to:     Veronika Valkovičová, Kristína Országhová 

Published by © Apart 

Printed at BB Print, Bratislava

ISBN 978-80-971569-4-7

First edition

120 pcs


All rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced, stored

in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means,

electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise

without the prior permission of the copyright owner.  


The book was published with the support of the Slovak Arts Council. 


BITCH PLANET VOL 1 is ™ and © 2015 Milkfed Criminal Masterminds, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Published in the United States by Image Comics, Inc. : For the Slovak edition: © 2019 APART LABEL. All Rights Reserved. 

[translated into local language] For international (foreign) rights inquiries, contact: 


Interview with author Kelly Sue DeConnick by Kristína Kállay:


Review for SME Kultúra by Ján Blažovský:


Review for Kapitál by Roberta Tóthová:


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