Gaming the Aftermath / Videogame speculations: New futures (?) - Apart
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Gaming the Aftermath / Videogame speculations: New futures (?)


The series of online lectures streamed online on 19.11.2020 from our art space in Bratislava. ?





In between releasing its video game fragment and launching the upcoming exhibition Gaming the Aftermath by the Diffractions Collective (CZ) hosted by APART Collective, a series of online lectures by Dustin Breitling of Diffractions Collective and cultural and game critic Ondřej Trhoň followed.


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Surveying our current sociopolitical imaginary, Gaming the Aftermath attempts to understand the role of gaming in the wake of disruptive Climate Change, developments in Artificial Intelligence and Simulation Modelling, and our present of socio-political upheavals.

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Perhaps we are living in a Ludic century, where video games and interactive media are ubiquitous and penetrating every aspect of our (pop)culture. What if they could be a vehicle to invoke new kind of political and social and planetary imagination? Unique rhetoric of video games, their systemic nature and immersive affective may be suitable for re-thinking our relationship(s). Is there a possibility of hands-on theory with gamepads.
What if in order to understand complex systems and hyperobjects such as climate crisis, urban infrastructures or global capitalism we have to not only read and watch, but also play?
The project was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.